Hot Water Heaters – Repair & Replacement in Batavia



Are you in need of a new hot water heater replacement? Not experiencing hot enough water for your needs? Nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of a nice hot shower after a long day at work. The last thing anyone wants is to run out of hot water. However, if you fail to run regular maintenance and necessary replacements on your hot water heating system then this is something you might not be able to avoid. We ensure that your system is set up right and continues to serve you effectively for a very long time.


Why You Need To Replace Old Hot Water Heaters

As with most things in life, tank hot water heaters deteriorate with time by decreasing efficiency and accumulation of contaminants. If the system is neglected, this process of deterioration kicks into high gear and your unit might fail earlier than it should have.

One of the main problems faced with over time is increased chances of leakage. This is usually a result of the tanks walls weakening and developing cracks. This will cost you a lot in terms of wasted water and consequent water damage to floors, roofs or ceilings. Another common problem is corrosion and formation of rust on the tank walls and the conduit systems. This can be particularly dangerous if you don’t have a water filtration system and the rust goes into your house water usage. There is also the accumulation of debris and mineral plaques that significantly reduces the systems efficiency and increases energy costs. The water has to work harder to get through the water heater and that uses more energy. Replacing old hot water heaters also allows you to explore more heating options so as to save yourself money in the long run. A good example in this case is giving up tanks for tankless hot water systems.

Benefits Of A Tankless Hot Water Heater


Our HVAC Company specializes in replacement of traditional tank systems with tankless hot water systems. Unlike their counterparts that ran on fuel sources like propane, natural gas and electricity, tankless heaters rely on more sustainable and eco-friendly sources like solar heat energy. Some of the benefits of tankless hot water heaters is they are more sustainable, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. The energy-efficient benefits alone are enough to at least ask questions or look into this newer technology.

Ajax Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the best HVAC and hot water heater specialist teams in Batavia and surrounding areas. We are skilled when it comes to dealing with replacements and repairs on hot water heating systems. We are dedicated to making you a satisfied customer. We are reliable and easily accessible to all in and around Batavia. We offer our clients a variety of water heater options for convenience and effective service. And we offer individualized attention to every client for satisfactory results.

Understand Your Hot Water Needs

The most important thing to remember is that running regular maintenance on your hot water heating system is not optional. Your hot water heater will eventually stop working because of age, but good maintenance practices definitely contribute a lot to slowing down the aging process. When you are in need of help with hot water heater replacement or repairs in Batavia then all you have to do is give us a call at (630) 250-5680 and you will have an optimally functioning system in no time.